Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SUCCESS - You determine Yourself!

Yes.. It's true. According to Ron Jenson, SUCCESS DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU DO WITH YOU. I don't disagree with Ron. Yes. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The most important thing is start working. Do not procrastinate. jangan tunggu lagi. Buat sesuatu yang baik untuk dirimu. Untuk dirimu sendiri. Don't you love yourself? Who else you want to ask to change you? We change ourself! We make a brighter day.. for us. We colour our life. We set our destiny. Start now, no more worries. Don't spoil our life. What is in our mind is our target. We will get better day after day. see the wonderful world in front of us. Everybody has the potential, we all have the giant inside us. Now release the GIANT!!! If you are a student who will sit for important examination, then RELEASE YOUR GIANT!! Study and study and study. Teachers also need motivation. Adults also need inspirations. All the best to all of you. Be decent Malaysians. Be bold, get going...

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